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Welcome to New Life Hässelby

New Life Hässelby is a Christian church; we are committed to implementing Jesus’ life and mission into our everyday lives and the life of the church. The church at Kråkvickersgränd in Hässelby is a quite new church but New Life Stockholm has existed more than 20 years and has also started other churches around Sweden. New Life is a network that has 400 members with up to 600-800 people gathering every week to worship in one of the different sites in the Greater Stockholm area. You can come to our different sites under Discover/Sites.

A Swedish Church where everybody are welcome

The church is Swedish but everything is in both Swedish and English, for everyone to feel welcome. If other languages are needed we'ld like to see if we can solve interpretation for that aswell.

A Small Group Church

We want everyone to have an opportunity to meet others and to share their lives. This is why we have life groups in New Life! You can read more about life groups under "Connect".

A Church connected to others

New Life is connected to the Swedish denomination Interact (the Evangelical Free Church of Sweden, Interact has a charismatic Baptist tradition with its roots in the 19th century revival movements in Sweden. We love working together with other churches and organizations in serving our city!

Our belief

The Lausanne Covenant


21 May 2022 10:00AM
Stretch & Tone
22 May 2022 10:30AM
Worship Service with Kids Life
25 May 2022 06:00PM
28 May 2022 10:00AM
Stretch & Tone
29 May 2022 10:30AM
Worship Service with Kids Life